The Back-Stabbed Cesspool (version 7)


Here is The Back-Stabbed Cesspool. It’s derived from a pencil drawing I created back in 2008. I was working at Convergys, a call center at that time, and was creating works such as this, and developing a couple other styles.

The title comes from this idea that the world, as I often see it, is one big cesspool of souls seeking vengeance on others, either consciously or unconsciously; but mostly unconsciously, as the factor of needing social acceptance and saving face is a core trait to human beings.

The above explanation was derived from the fact that I would see drama both on the phones and off the phones every day at work. From bureaucracy in management, to petty emotional power struggles between romances and workers. It all just seemed like I was back in middle school.

Working for an outsourced AT&T public duping operation really gave me an eye-opener as to the real state of humanity. I say this realizing that it sounds like a statement of scientific absolutism, but every work place I have worked in has rendered some kind of drama or power struggle or another.

Another facet to my notion of vengeance and backstabbing was obtained from a book called A Course In Miracles. In it, the book describes how this world is merely a form of vengeance. When I read that, it didn’t make sense to me at the time, but experience after experience left me with more of a conviction of that abstraction. Visit my website to see more artwork by the Art of eVan.

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