Ultra Bassist Franccesca De Struct

My homage to the amazing bassist Franccesca De Struct.

Published model, bassist for KUZA,
and The Dreaming, dancer,
fire breather, dreamer.




I was listening to a song called Antonin Artaud when the inspiration hit. For the uninitiated, that song is by Goth legends Bauhaus. The words ‘hypodermic hypodermic hypodermic RED FIX‘ were sustained in my ears as I scrolled the Twitter latter stopping to admire a new avatar with RED lips. The natural progression here was to find one of her finest images and merge it into another world where the beauty of Franccesca with the poetry of Bauhaus live in-concert.

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You can catch Ms. De Struct in action at the following accounts: Twitter Facebook



Antonin Artaud

by Bauhaus

The young man held a gun to the head of God
Stick this holy cow
Put the audience in action
Let the slaughtered take a bow
The old man’s words, white hot knives
Slicing through warm butter
The butter is the heart
The rancid peeling soul
Scratch pictures on asylum walls
Broken nails and matchsticks
hypodermic hypodermic hypodermic
One man’s poison another man’s meat
One man’s agony another man’s treat
Artaud lived with his neck paced firmly in the noose
Eyes black with pain,
Limbs in cramps contorted
The theatre and its double
The void and the aborted

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